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1/26/2017 - 6:30 PM  
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Modified Schedule State Assessment Testing Days  
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Goal 1
Student Achievement for All
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According to information posted on the Texas Education Agency webpage, the purpose of this waiver is to "allow districts to modify the schedule of classes for students who are not being tested to report to and attend school after the state assessment testing period has ended, therefore reducing the interruptions during testing period. Students who are not being tested must still meet the maximum 2-through-4 hour requirement for funding.

I have received input from both high school campus principals and they are requesting that we utilize the waiver to allow seniors to report late on two testing days for the current school year.
Budgetary Impact:
Minimal because seniors will be scheduled to arrive at the time required to meet the 4 hour minimum requirement.  
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Ted Kretchmar - Director of Federal Programs, Accountability and Elementary Instruction
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David Priddy - Chief Academic Officer
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Trent Lovette - Chief of School Leadership
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Dan Powell - Superintendent