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7/20/2017 - 6:15 PM  
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Optional Flexible School Day Program - OFSDP  
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Student Achievement for All
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Effective and Efficient Use of Resources
17-18 (OFSDP) Optional Flexible School Day Program Waiver  
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17-18 OFSDP Application.pdf
A school district may offer to provide flexible hours and days of attendance for students who are at risk of dropping out of school or as a result of attendance requirements under the TEC. 25.092, or will be denied credit for one or more classes. The Optional Flexible School Day Program (OFSDP) allows the school district to develop and make application for a program providing this flexible time. To participate in the OFSDP, the board of trustees must hold a public hearing concerning the proposed application. In addition, the board of trustees must conduct public hearings annually to review the performance of the program.

The OFSDP will provide an additional opportunity for students on any secondary level campuses with special circumstances to have a more accommodating schedule. This could range from a student who excels at the same level of a student historically identified in the Global Prep Academy to a student who is in jeopardy of not receiving credit due to having to take care of family (i.e. sick parent or relative or being the primary caregiver of siblings).

The Crowley ISD OFSDP requires the student to attend a minimum of 20 hours a week and is staffed with certified teachers to support the program. The staff includes counselors, Mike Mabry and Tracie Miles; a Global Pre Instructor Kenneth Smith, which will oversee academics and ensure oversight and proctoring of the end of course exams and STAAR test; a learning coach and attendance clerk, Sam Pipes which is also the technical liaison to ensure all students gain all electronic assess to accommodate their curriculum needs as well as ensure their presence for weighted funding. Finally, due to increased numbers in the Global Prep program for 2016-2017 Charles Knight (a learning coach) was added to the employee matrix. All Global Prep staff are highly qualified.

In 16-17 there were 2 students that needed the Optional Flexible School Day Program caveat to graduate. There were other students that were assessed through the OFSDP but were identified as better suited for other CISD academic programs including, but not limited to: Global Prep Academy, Bridges, Panther Academy, and Eagle Academy. All of whom either provided the opportunity for students to receive advance credit, credit recovery and/or modify attendance. In 17-18 we are projected to service a total of 70 students in Global Prep with 1 student needing the Optional Flexible School Day Program caveat to graduate. The actual number for 16-17 was 78.
Budgetary Impact:
There is no budgetary impact.  
To Approve waiver as presented.  
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Stan Swann - Chief Administrative Support Officer
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Patricia Linares - Interim Superintendent
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Original Motion
Member Ryan Ray Moved, Member Mia Hall seconded to approve the Original motion 'To Approve waiver as presented.'. Upon a Roll-Call Vote being taken, the vote was: Aye: 6 Nay: 0.
The motion Carried 6 - 0
June Davis     Yes
Ryan Ray     Yes
Mia Hall     Yes
Lyndsae Benton     Yes
LaTonya Mayfield     Yes
Nedra Robinson     Yes