Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 3/8/2018 - 6:00 PM
Category: Discussion and / or Possible Action Item(s)
Type: Action
Subject: Approval of Guarantee Maximum Price (GMP) for North Crowley High School Utility Waterline Relocation
District Goals:
Goal 2
Safe, Secure and Nurturing Schools
Goal 5
Effective and Efficient Use of Resources
Enclosure: NCHS Site Logistics Plan
File Attachment:
NCHS Site Logistics PLan.pdf
Summary: The City of Fort Worth is requiring the district to relocate the public utility waterline at North Crowley High School before construction can begin on the renovations and additions at the campus. Cadence McShane is the Board approved General Contractor for this project and will relocate the waterline.
Budgetary Impact: The Guaranteed Maximum Price for the project is $287,039.
Recommendation: i recommend approval of the Guaranteed Maximum Price of $287,039 for the relocation of the public utility waterline at North Crowley High School.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Randy Reaves - Executive Director of Non-Instructional Services
Signed By:
Michael McFarland - Superintendent
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